Government Facilities

Current Assignments

US Department of Energy

99 Research Park Road

Morgantown, WV

This 60,778 SF building on 6 acres in Morgantown, WV houses the Department of Energy Legacy Management. Petroplus & Associates has had a role in the management of this property since construction was completed in 2009, first as the full service property manager and currently as the sub-contracted manager under contract with Collier’s International.

1550 Earl Core Road

Morgantown, WV

This government building located in the Sabraton neighborhood of Morgantown, WV houses the USDA. Petroplus & Associates through a contract with Colliers International has provided Facility Maintenance services to the property through our experienced facilities team since 2015.

604 Cheat Road

Morgantown, WV

Located on Cheat Road on Morganton, WV, this property is home to MSHA and the FDA. Petroplus & Associates provides Facility Maintenance services through a contract with Colliers International.


Federal Center Clarksburg

Clarksburg Federal Center

Clarksburg, WV

60,000 SF, 3 story building located in Clarksburg, WV houses state and federal agencies. Petroplus & Associates was the owner project manager for building construction and upon completion provided full property management services from 2002 until the property sold in 2013.

Federal Building Management Charleston WV

Charleston Federal Center

Charleston, WV

110,000 SF, 5 story building located on Quarrier Street in Charleston, WV houses SSA and other government offices. It was a major renovation of an existing structure and Petroplus served as the project manager for construction and as the property manager following completion in 2004 until the property was sold in 2014.

GSA Parkersburg WV

GSA Parkersburg

Parkersburg, WV

180,000 SF office facility housed the Bureau of Public Debt. Petroplus & Associates provided full property management services from 2006 until the property sold in 2014.

Front of GSA Warehouse

Former GSA Warehouse

Mineral Wells, WV

39,350 SF Office/Warehouse on 7.5 acres in Mineral Wells, WV. Petroplus & Associates managed this facility from 2006 until 2017 when we successfully procured a purchaser for the property.